LSS Members 2020-2021

Core Council 


Ross Denny-Jiles

President - Ross Denny-Jiles

Previous Education: University of Southern California (Theatre), Quest University Canada (Equity and Justice).

Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia

Fun Fact: I once competed in a Settlers of Catan national qualifier tournament and came in second!


Office hours: Tuesday (10-11AM), Thursday (3-4PM)

VP Administrative 

Ronak Patel

Previous Education: BSc, Western University and MSc, UofT

Hometown: Pickering, Ontario

Fun Fact: I like flamingos, flamingos like me.

Office Hours:  Tuesdays, 12:30PM - 2:30PM


Office hours: Monday (1-2PM), Wednesday (1-2PM)

VP Academic 

Nadya Gill

Previous Education: West Virginia University

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario

Fun Fact: I have a twin sister who also attends Queens!


Office hoursThursday (5-6PM), Friday (9-10AM) 


VP Finance

Sara Baxter

Previous Education: Bachelor of Business Administration Majoring in Accounting, Acadia University

Hometown: Moncton, New Brunswick

Fun Fact: I have a favourite section of the Excise Tax Act.


Office hours: Monday (2-3PM), Wednesday (2-3PM) 


VP Activities 

Arina Polyachek

VP Activities - Arina Polyachek

Previous Education: University of British Columbia, Finance/Poli Sci

Hometown: Moscow, Russia

Fun Fact: I have Orthopterophobia, which is an irrational fear of grasshoppers. They absolutely terrify me!


Office hours: Wednesday (Noon-1PM), Thursday (11AM-Noon) 

VP Communications

Joanna Strozak

VP Comms - Joanna Strozak

Previous Education: BScH in Biology and English, Queen's University

Hometown: Oakville, Ontario

Fun Fact: I was a tuba player in high school, and in a couple of ensembles for several years in undergrad! 


Office hour: Tuesday (Noon-1PM), Wednesday (9-10AM)


LSS Student Senator

Jordan Nensi

Previous Education: Queen's Commerce (Dual BCom/JD Student)

Hometown: Oakville, Ontario

Fun Fact: I spent an entire day touring Chernobyl and the abandoned towns surrounding the nuclear plant.


Office hours: Wednesday (3-4PM), Thursday (11:30AM-12:30PM)


LSS Council Speaker

Sean McCormack

Speaker - Sean McCormack

Previous Education: Political Science at Western University

Hometown: London, Ontario

Fun Fact: I got a last minute role in a musical adaptation of my favourite movie “Rocky” this summer.


3L Council


Cassandra Hébert-Vendramini

3L Pres - Cassandra Hebert-Vendramini  

Previous Education: Bachelor of Commerce (International Business) at Concordia University

Hometown: Dorval, Quebec

Fun fact: I make my own pickles... last year I made over 150 jars.



Vice President

Harrison Giovanetti

3L VP - Harrison Giovanetti

Previous Education: 

Queen's University (Commerce, Class of 2020)

Saint Theresa of Lisieux CHS (High School, Class of 2015)

Saint Anthony CES (Elementary School, Class of 2011)

Divine Mercy CES (Kindergarten, Class of 2003)

Beaver Scouts of Canada (FUNdamentals of Outdoor Recreation summer course, Class of 2002)

Hometown: King, Ontario

Fun Fact: I'm named after Harrison Ford



Lauren Crawford

3L SC - Lauren Crawford

Previous Education: I completed my undergraduate degree in criminology at Carleton University in Ottawa.

Hometown: Frankford, Ontario

Fun Fact: I used to enter competitive pie competitions (baking, not eating).


Social Coordinator

Currently Vacant



Faculty Board Representative

Isabel Yoo

3L FB Rep - Isabel Yoo

Previous Education: BA (Hons.) in Political Studies at Queen's

Hometown: St. Catharines, Ontario

Fun Fact: I am a huge fan of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.


Alexandra Churchill

3L FB Rep - Alexandra Churchill

Previous Education: Queen’s Commerce (BCom/JD Combined Degree Program)

Hometown: Toronto, ON

Fun Fact: I’ve been skydiving!


Wellness Coordinator

Will Vendramini


2L Council 


Jaskaran Kaur Lamba

Previous Education: BA from University of Toronto (Specialist in Political Science and Minor in Architecture) and MA from University of Ottawa in Public Policy and International Relations

Hometown: Markham/Scarborough, Ontario

Fun Fact: I've lived in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, down the street from where Jay-Z grew up and I have an adopted 7-year old daughter (pictured).




Amethyst Haighton

2L VP - Amethyst Haighton

Previous Education: University of Guelph (Criminal Justice and Public Policy major and Political Science minor)

Hometown: Brampton, Ontario

Fun Fact: I'm a triplet! (But we look nothing like each other).



Secretary Treasurer: 

Arash Rouhi

2L Secretary-Treasurer - Arash Rouhi

Name:  Arash Rouhi 

Previous Education: University of British Columbia (Economics and Psychology)

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario 

Fun Fact: ​I spent 3 days trying to think of something to say here before I gave up. Fun!!!


Social Coordinator

Meg Malakian

2L Social - Meg Malakian

Previous Education: BComm in Accounting & Finance at Ryerson University

Hometown: Richmond Hill, ON

Fun Fact: I've seen Friends so many times I can tell you which season it is based on Jennifer Aniston's hairstyle.


Faculty Board Representatives

Anita Zamani

2L FB Rep - Anita Zamani

Previous education: Political Science at York University

Hometown: Vaughan, Ontario

Fun fact: I love to bake.



Nash Vijayan

2L FB Rep - Nash Vijayan

Name: Nash Vijayan

Previous Education: Ryerson University, RTA School of Media

Hometown: Brampton, Ontario

Fun Fact:  I’m a big fan of hiking! My goal is to one day hike Mount Kilimanjaro.


Wellness Coordinator

Alison Costa

2L Wellness - Alison Costa

Previous Education: Bachelor of Social science in Criminology with Minor in Law at University of Ottawa

Hometown: Mississauga, Ontario

Fun Fact: Travelled to four countries in one day (Portugal, Germany, England, Canada)


1L Council 


Olivia Moon

1L Pres - Olivia Moon

Previous Education: HBA in history and political science, University of Toronto, Trinity College 

Hometown: North York, ON

Fun Fact: I've had braces 3 times



Nicole Demirov

1L VP - Nicole Demirov

Previous Education: University of Toronto - Peace, Conflict and Justice Studies

Hometown: Toronto

Fun Fact: Biked to Niagara Falls over the summer



Patrick Lyons

1L ST - Patrick Lyons

Previous Education: B.Sc from McMaster in Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour. Graduate Certificate from Niagara College in Public Relations

Hometown: Thorold, Ontario

Fun Fact: I've been a groomsman five times, with two more this summer (COVID-19 permitting).


Social Coordinator

Zacharie Cohen

1L Socials - Zacharie Cohen

Previous Education: BA (Hons.) Psychology, McGill University

Hometown: Montreal, Quebec 

Fun Fact: I met Seth Rogen at an airport and he called me an upstanding young man.


Faculty Board Representatives

Peter Garrett

1L FB - Peter Garrett

Previous Education: Bachelor of Medical Sciences with an Honours Specialization in Interdisciplinary Medical Sciences

Hometown: Vancouver, BC

Fun Fact: My parents are from South Africa. I can do the alphabet backward.


Jiayi Zhang



Wellness Coordinator

Paget Houston



Other Representatives 

Joint Student Representative

Tanisha Merkley

JSR - Tanisha Merkley

Previous Education: BA in Political Science and Criminal Justice & Public Policy, University of Guelph, and Master of Public Administration, Queen's University (Joint JD/MPA) 

Hometown: Orillia, Ontario 

Fun Fact: I started playing water polo during my undergrad and play on the Queen's varsity water polo team.


Transfer Student Representative

Currently Vacant



Common Law / Civil Law Student Representative

Cassandra Hébert-Vendramini 

SGPS Representative 

Currently Vacant



Indigenous Student Representative 

Currently Vacant



Equity and Diversity Student Representatives 

Abiola Akinyemi

EqDiv Co-Commissioner - Abiola Akinyemi

Previous Education: York University: Double major in Law & Society and Sociology  

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario 

Fun Fact: I mock host my own cooking shows while I'm preparing my meals. 


Taylor Barton

EqDiv Co-Commissioner - Taylor Barton

Previous Education: BBA from St. Francis Xavier University

Hometown: Nova Scotia

Fun Fact: A passionate supporter of the fanny pack comeback.