LSS Members 2020-2021

Core Council 


Ross Denny-Jiles

President - Ross Denny-Jiles

Previous Education: University of Southern California (Theatre), Quest University Canada (Equity and Justice).

Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia

Fun Fact: I once competed in a Settlers of Catan national qualifier tournament and came in second!


Office hours: Tuesday (10-11AM), Thursday (3-4PM)

VP Administrative 

Ronak Patel

Previous Education: BSc, Western University and MSc, UofT

Hometown: Pickering, Ontario

Fun Fact: I like flamingos, flamingos like me.

Office Hours:  Tuesdays, 12:30PM - 2:30PM


Office hours: Monday (1-2PM), Wednesday (1-2PM)

VP Academic 

Nadya Gill

Previous Education: West Virginia University

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario

Fun Fact: I have a twin sister who also attends Queens!


Office hoursThursday (5-6PM), Friday (9-10AM) 


VP Finance

Sara Baxter

Previous Education: Bachelor of Business Administration Majoring in Accounting, Acadia University

Hometown: Moncton, New Brunswick

Fun Fact: I have a favourite section of the Excise Tax Act.


Office hours: Monday (2-3PM), Wednesday (2-3PM) 


VP Activities 

Arina Polyachek

VP Activities - Arina Polyachek

Previous Education: University of British Columbia, Finance/Poli Sci

Hometown: Moscow, Russia

Fun Fact: I have Orthopterophobia, which is an irrational fear of grasshoppers. They absolutely terrify me!


Office hours: Wednesday (Noon-1PM), Thursday (11AM-Noon) 

VP Communications

Joanna Strozak

VP Comms - Joanna Strozak

Previous Education: BScH in Biology and English, Queen's University

Hometown: Oakville, Ontario

Fun Fact: I was a tuba player in high school, and in a couple of ensembles for several years in undergrad! 


Office hour: Tuesday (Noon-1PM), Wednesday (9-10AM)


LSS Student Senator

Jordan Nensi

Previous Education: Queen's Commerce (Dual BCom/JD Student)

Hometown: Oakville, Ontario

Fun Fact: I spent an entire day touring Chernobyl and the abandoned towns surrounding the nuclear plant.


Office hours: Wednesday (3-4PM), Thursday (11:30AM-12:30PM)


LSS Council Speaker

Sean McCormack

Speaker - Sean McCormack

Previous Education: Political Science at Western University

Hometown: London, Ontario

Fun Fact: I got a last minute role in a musical adaptation of my favourite movie “Rocky” this summer.


3L Council


Cassandra Hébert-Vendramini

3L Pres - Cassandra Hebert-Vendramini  

Previous Education: Bachelor of Commerce (International Business) at Concordia University

Hometown: Dorval, Quebec

Fun fact: I make my own pickles... last year I made over 150 jars.



Vice President



Lauren Crawford

3L SC - Lauren Crawford

Previous Education: I completed my undergraduate degree in criminology at Carleton University in Ottawa.

Hometown: Frankford, Ontario

Fun Fact: I used to enter competitive pie competitions (baking, not eating).


Social Coordinator

Currently Vacant



Faculty Board Representative

Isabel Yoo

3L FB Rep - Isabel Yoo

Previous Education: BA (Hons.) in Political Studies at Queen's

Hometown: St. Catharines, Ontario

Fun Fact: I am a huge fan of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.


Alexandra Churchill

3L FB Rep - Alexandra Churchill

Previous Education: Queen’s Commerce (BCom/JD Combined Degree Program)

Hometown: Toronto, ON

Fun Fact: I’ve been skydiving!


Wellness Coordinator

Will Vendramini


2L Council 


Jaskaran Kaur Lamba

Previous Education: BA from University of Toronto (Specialist in Political Science and Minor in Architecture) and MA from University of Ottawa in Public Policy and International Relations

Hometown: Markham/Scarborough, Ontario

Fun Fact: I've lived in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, down the street from where Jay-Z grew up and I have an adopted 7-year old daughter (pictured).




Amethyst Haighton

2L VP - Amethyst Haighton

Previous Education: University of Guelph (Criminal Justice and Public Policy major and Political Science minor)

Hometown: Brampton, Ontario

Fun Fact: I'm a triplet! (But we look nothing like each other).



Secretary Treasurer: 

Arash Rouhi

2L Secretary-Treasurer - Arash Rouhi

Name:  Arash Rouhi 

Previous Education: University of British Columbia (Economics and Psychology)

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario 

Fun Fact: ​I spent 3 days trying to think of something to say here before I gave up. Fun!!!


Social Coordinator

Meg Malakian

2L Social - Meg Malakian

Previous Education: BComm in Accounting & Finance at Ryerson University

Hometown: Richmond Hill, ON

Fun Fact: I've seen Friends so many times I can tell you which season it is based on Jennifer Aniston's hairstyle.


Faculty Board Representatives

Anita Zamani

2L FB Rep - Anita Zamani

Previous education: Political Science at York University

Hometown: Vaughan, Ontario

Fun fact: I love to bake.



Nash Vijayan

2L FB Rep - Nash Vijayan

Name: Nash Vijayan

Previous Education: Ryerson University, RTA School of Media

Hometown: Brampton, Ontario

Fun Fact:  I’m a big fan of hiking! My goal is to one day hike Mount Kilimanjaro.


Wellness Coordinator

Alison Costa

2L Wellness - Alison Costa

Previous Education: Bachelor of Social science in Criminology with Minor in Law at University of Ottawa

Hometown: Mississauga, Ontario

Fun Fact: Travelled to four countries in one day (Portugal, Germany, England, Canada)


1L Council 


Olivia Moon

1L Pres - Olivia Moon

Previous Education: HBA in history and political science, University of Toronto, Trinity College 

Hometown: North York, ON

Fun Fact: I've had braces 3 times



Nicole Demirov

1L VP - Nicole Demirov

Previous Education: University of Toronto - Peace, Conflict and Justice Studies

Hometown: Toronto

Fun Fact: Biked to Niagara Falls over the summer



Patrick Lyons

1L ST - Patrick Lyons

Previous Education: B.Sc from McMaster in Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour. Graduate Certificate from Niagara College in Public Relations

Hometown: Thorold, Ontario

Fun Fact: I've been a groomsman five times, with two more this summer (COVID-19 permitting).


Social Coordinator

Zacharie Cohen

1L Socials - Zacharie Cohen

Previous Education: BA (Hons.) Psychology, McGill University

Hometown: Montreal, Quebec 

Fun Fact: I met Seth Rogen at an airport and he called me an upstanding young man.


Faculty Board Representatives

Peter Garrett

1L FB - Peter Garrett

Previous Education: Bachelor of Medical Sciences with an Honours Specialization in Interdisciplinary Medical Sciences

Hometown: Vancouver, BC

Fun Fact: My parents are from South Africa. I can do the alphabet backward.


Jiayi Zhang



Wellness Coordinator

Paget Houston



Other Representatives 

Joint Student Representative

Tanisha Merkley

JSR - Tanisha Merkley

Previous Education: BA in Political Science and Criminal Justice & Public Policy, University of Guelph, and Master of Public Administration, Queen's University (Joint JD/MPA) 

Hometown: Orillia, Ontario 

Fun Fact: I started playing water polo during my undergrad and play on the Queen's varsity water polo team.


Transfer Student Representative

Currently Vacant



Common Law / Civil Law Student Representative

Cassandra Hébert-Vendramini 

SGPS Representative 

Currently Vacant



Indigenous Student Representative 

Currently Vacant



Equity and Diversity Student Representatives 

Abiola Akinyemi

EqDiv Co-Commissioner - Abiola Akinyemi

Previous Education: York University: Double major in Law & Society and Sociology  

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario 

Fun Fact: I mock host my own cooking shows while I'm preparing my meals. 


Taylor Barton

EqDiv Co-Commissioner - Taylor Barton

Previous Education: BBA from St. Francis Xavier University

Hometown: Nova Scotia

Fun Fact: A passionate supporter of the fanny pack comeback.