Clubs Overview

The Faculty of Law is home to numerous clubs covering a whole spectrum of interests and activities. We have clubs that focus on specific practice areas such as the Criminal Law Club, the Corporate Law Club, and the Disability and Mental Health Law Club. There are also clubs who focus on sports, professional development and charitable causes, and even clubs that act as outlets for stress management and fun. Get involved QL – there’s a club for everyone!

Visit this page to see a list of all the current clubs and their application deadlines!

    Clubs Steph, Effie and Siobhan

    2023-2024 Club Ratification Form: CLICK HERE 

    All Queen's Law Clubs must submit an annual Ratification Form to operate. If you have any questions, please reach out to Daniyal Ahmad (

    Early Spring RatificationWe recommend that clubs submit their Ratification Forms in March for the following academic year to partake in Early Spring Ratification. This process allows clubs to plan ahead for the upcoming school year.  If you wish to partake in the Early Spring Ratification for next year (2024/25), more information will be available in February/March of 2024. 

    Club Directory (2022-2023)



    Queen's Law Students' Academic Success Society (LSASS)

    Reps: Dylan Connors ( & Filbert Yung (

    QLSASS provides additional support to 1L students in the transition to law school and for the duration of the 1L year. We facilitate connections between law students across all years through activities and events. Our aim is to support 1Ls through this difficult transition through encouraging events. The society also offers programming to help with anxiety around academics, such as exams or speaking in class, through peer support groups and events. This club wants students to thrive in 1L by helping them find a supportive network with peers. Come join!

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    Queen’s Human Rights Law Club

    Reps: Fionna Campbell ( & Kat Gant (

    QHRLC works to expose students to substantive human rights law throughout the year. Collaborating with other QL clubs to meet this mission, we are also planning our third conference for early 2023.



    Queen's Christian Legal Fellowship (QCLF)

    Reps: Jodeen Williams ( & Joel Friesen (

    The demands of law school pose unique challenges for anyone – especially during a global pandemic. We are Queen’s Christian Legal Fellowship (QCLF), a group of Christian law students who come together to provide encouragement, support, community, and mentorship. We’ve done this on campus and sometimes in one another’s homes, but this year that may again take place mostly online.

    We are a part of a larger community called Christian Legal Fellowship (CLF) – Canada’s national association of Christian lawyers and law students, which has 15 law student chapters across Canada.

    If you’re interested in joining our Club, email us at



    Jewish Law Students Association (JLSA)

    Reps: Isaac Pekeles ( & Zev Winegust (

    The Jewish Law Students Association (JLSA) aims to promote Jewish culture and tradition to the Queen’s Law community.



    Queen's Securities Law Club

    Reps: Isaac Pekeles ( & Sam Fostaty (

    The Queen’s Securities Law Club seeks to connect Queen’s Law students interested in securities law with each other and professionals working in the industry. This club will strive to bring opportunities to the student body to expand their knowledge of securities law and what it is like to work in the field.



    Queen's Muslim Law Students Association (QMLSA)

    Reps: Sikandar Chaudhry ( & Zara Morani (

    The Queen’s Muslim Law Students Association (QMLSA) strives to build a community of Muslim law students and legal professionals around our shared experiences and challenges. We aim to increase education and conversations about the intersection of Islam and law in the Canadian context.

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    Queen's International Law Club 

    Reps: Madison MacKinnon (   ) & Lauren Daly (

    The Queen’s International Law Club aims to expose interested law students to professional perspectives on international legal issues relating to current world events and provide an avenue for students to explore career opportunities in international law.



    Queen's Conference on Indigenous Reconciliation (QCIR)

    Reps: Amber St Jean ( & Sinead Dunne (

    The Queens Conference on Indigenous Reconciliation (QCIR) focuses on building relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in business and in law. The goal of our events is to raise awareness about colonization and its ongoing effects in the business and legal realms. We hope to provide a platform for discussion, learning, and understanding with a focus on reconciliation.

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    Queen's Children and Youth Club 

    Reps: Sameeksha Mishra ( & Emily Johnston (

    The Queen’s Children and Youth Law Club intends to provide a space where topics, such as children’s rights, child protection, court representation, and criminal youth justice, are explored collaboratively. We hope to provide the QL community with opportunities to meet other like-minded students, network with law practitioners, and enrich their learning experience.



    Queen's Law Ski & Snowboard Club

    Reps: Benjamin Todd ( & Olivia Kuzmich (

    This club is focused on fostering a community of individuals who enjoy skiing, snowboarding and other winter activities while hanging out with friends. With some fun events planned, in addition to some educational speaker series, this club is perfect if you enjoy braving the cold with your friends and exploring the icy terrain of sports and personal injury.



    Disability and Mental Health Law Club (DAMH)

    Reps: Nashita Syed ( & Emily Caza (

    The Disability and Mental Health Law Club is an active club at Queen’s Law promoting good mental health for students in the law school. All members and participating students in our club activities share an interest in disability law and mental health law, health and well-being, and raising awareness of diversity related topics. DAMH runs several events such as: World Mental Health Day and Wellness Day where we provide activities, games, and healthy snacks; as well as our famous Puppy Therapy Days before each exam period. We hope to continue to raise awareness about mental health and wellness in the Queen’s Law community!

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    Queen's Law Alternative Dispute Resolution Club (QLADR Club) 

    Reps: Jessica Krueger ( & Doug Ornawka (

    Providing students an opportunity to engage in the fields of mediation, negotiation and arbitration.



    Queen's Health Law Club

    Reps: Savannah Snyder ( & Andrew Daley (

    The Queen’s Health Law Club (QHLC) will be for law students who are interested in a career in health law and hope to all connect students from all backgrounds that have an interest in the field of health law. Our focus will be to expand their knowledge and provide networking opportunities in the field of health law. We hope to provide events ranging from career panels to networking events and tours of law firms. We hope to cover a lineup of topics including health policy, bioethics, mental health law, pharmaceutical patenting, regulation of natural health products, and medical malpractice.



    Queen's Law Litigation Society

    Reps: Cynthia Rizzo ( & Mahla Jahanmehr (

    The QLLS has a massive membership; we signed up approximately 80 members last year, and anticipate an equal size membership or more for this coming year. We provide for students insight into different styles of advocacy, both for those who are considering litigation as a career path and those who wish to enhance or polish their skills for the purpose of improving their mark in advocacy-focused evaluation in class.



    Indigenous Law Students' Alliance

    Reps: Sierra Jones-McLeod ( & Samuel Powless (

    She:kon/Aanii! The Indigenous Law Students’ Alliance (ILSA) works to advocate for Indigenous voices within Queen’s Law, building a relationship between First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples and non-Indigenous allies to identify concerns and work towards providing a more inclusive environment within the law school. ILSA welcomes any and all Queen’s Law students to join, in hopes of building relationships in which each member is able to learn from one another.

    real estate


    Queen’s Real Estate Law Association

    Reps: Draeden Lee ( & Raha Zolfaghari (

    The Queen’s Real Estate Law Association (QRELA) is a student association committed to providing opportunities for students to learn about the fast-paced and exciting field of real estate law. QRELA will host educational, social and career-related events throughout the upcoming school year. All events will be accessible via Zoom!



    Queen’s Labour and Employment Club

    Reps: Leran Oirik ( & Keith Hickey (

    The Queen’s Labour and Employment Club (QLEC) is dedicated to allowing Queen’s law students to engage in labour and employment law. We have a history of hosting a variety of events which enrich the law school experience at Queen’s University. QLEC provides an avenue for law students to explore the areas of labour and employment through our annual speaker events, moots and firm tours.



    Queen’s Women and Law

    Reps: Kira Petriello ( ) & Gena Meaney (

    QWL is a club for those who are passionate about feminism, gender equity, and increasing diversity within the legal profession. QWL has been a club within the Queen’s Law community since 1981. Through academic, advocacy, and social events throughout the year, QWL examines and explores the unique challenges faced by women in law, while cultivating a welcoming and supportive presence within the Queen’s Law community.



    Queen’s Space Law Club

    Reps: Darragh Dzisiak ( & Emily Johnston (

    Space law is an emerging legal field which incorporates everything from medicine to rocket technology. Queen’s Space Law Club is a community of students with a passion for legal issues regarding Space, Intellectual Property, and International Law. QSLC’s mission is to raise awareness of emerging issues in space law as well as to connect ambitious students with successful leaders in the field.



    Queen’s Intellectual Property Club

    Reps: Benjamin Todd ( & Mo Rahal ( )

    The Queen’s Intellectual Property Law Club connects students with an interest in intellectual property law from all fields. Our events aim to provide students with networking opportunities, and education about IP law careers.



    Queen’s Tax Law Society

    Reps: Greg Kim ( & Ari Dero (

    The Queen's Law Tax Society is an extracurricular introduction to the Canadian tax law professional field. We aim to provide the law school community with events which explore the different opportunities that a rewarding career in tax law provides. We also post updates and host guest lectures on current developments and discussions in tax law.



    South Asian Law Students Association (SALSA)

    Reps: Conroy Gomes ( & Neha Gupta (

    The South Asian Law Students’ Association (SALSA) was formed to promote the professional, cultural and social needs of South Asian and other minority law students at Queen’s Law School. SALSA seeks to provide a forum for the discussion of legal/political issues, career pathways, and community outreach. Furthermore, SALSA is dedicated to enhancing the diversity of Queen’s Law by increasing awareness of the legal issues that affect minority communities, as well by as by organizing social events to celebrate South Asian heritage.



    Queen’s Environmental Law Club

    Reps: Mariah Gillard ( & Barinder Parmar (

    We are a group of Queen's law students interested in environmental law and policy issues. Our interests include the social and economic components of sustainability and areas of law including Aboriginal and energy law. We host EnviroChats to discuss current events and issues and also host a panel every year focusing on working in environmental law



    Queen’s Corporate Law Club

    Reps: Kira Petriello ( ) & Brendan Chun (

    The Corporate Law Club (CLC) hosts various events throughout the year to help law students gain greater exposure to corporate law. Our main event is our annual Toronto Law Firm Tour held in January. 1L students are given the opportunity to visit several Bay Street firms to learn more about the practice of corporate law and develop their professional skills. Other notable events include speaker panels, seminars, and various networking opportunities.

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    Queen’s Law Palestinian Advocacy 

    Reps: Aimee McCurdy ( & Nadeen Awad (

    The Queen’s Law Palestinian Advocacy club will be focusing on advocacy for Palestinians, particularly regarding the illegal occupation of Palestine. We hope to host a variety of speakers and events to educate the Queen’s community of the realities of Palestinians and the oppression that they are currently facing.

    cancer society


    Queen’s Law Cancer Society

    Reps: Olivia Brown ( & Lauren Daly (

    We, the Queen’s Law Cancer Society (QLCS), are a law-student based volunteer organization that works passionately to spearhead the fundraising effort to contribute as much as possible to several charities supporting Cancer. Our goal is to help fund Canadian research vital for improving the detection, prevention, and treatment of cancer, while raising awareness about cancer within the Queen’s Law community.

    We are now a team of two co-presidents and fourteen executive members, in addition to countless committee members and volunteers dedicated to advancing our goals. The QLCS has a strong presence in the Queen’s Law community, planning monthly events for Queen’s Law Students and participating in off-campus events such as the CIBC Run for the Cure.

    Last year, Cabaret for a Cure raised over $11,000 for the Canadian Cancer Society. This year, we are hoping to take our largest fundraiser, the Queen’s Law Cabaret for a Cure, to the next level. The show is consistently the most anticipated event of the academic year, and usually involves over eighty students and faculty members, with an audience of several hundred people.



    Queen’s Policy and Law Club

    Reps: Noel Countryman  ( ) & Sarah Shipley  ( )

    QPLC is the only club at QL that caters specifically to students who are interested to explore the intersectionality between policy and law. For some students, neither big corporations nor boutique firms interest them. As a result, we want to create a club where we can provide students with opportunities to explore what it would be like to work in the policy or political field. We will aim to bring in speakers, panelists and special guests who can provide insights on what it is like to be in the policy or political field. We will also aim to bring in prominent figures, legislators, officials and lobbyists so students may benefit from their experience, guidance and advice. In addition to all that, we also want to provide students with general interests in policy an opportunity to learn about the various policy fields. This will enrich students’ learning experience and could also enrich discussions in class.

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    Queen’s Law Chess Club 

    Reps: Julian Yau ( & Logan Dillon (

    The Queen’s Law Chess Club aims to bring together individuals that share a valued appreciation of chess, we welcome all levels of players. We want to educate and foster students' interest within the chess field and show its prevalence in the legal world, and hope the connection that you build now will assist you long past your time at Queens.



    Queen’s Law M&A Club

    Reps: Joanna Mrowca-Migiel ( & Alex Moumdjian (

    The Queen's M&A Association was founded with the goal of providing Queen's Faculty Law Students with educational and experiential learning opportunities in the practice area of M&A. As law students, we know how valuable hands-on learning experience is in the development of the practical skills required of legal practitioners. The Queen's University M&A Association is therefore committed to providing students with opportunities to directly engage with practitioners so that they may foster their own interests and practical skills in the area of M&A.



    Queen’s Fashion and Retail Law Society

    Reps: Vittoria Blanco ( & Mia Rakoff (

    The Queen’s Law Fashion and Retail Society strives to provide members with networking and educational opportunities that bridge the gap between law school and a legal career that intersects with the fashion and retail industries. Through engagements such as socials, social media information, and alumni coffee chats, our members learn about the opportunities within this field.



    LEAF Kingston

    Reps: Kyra Devonish ( ) & Sheraz Farooq (

    LEAF Kingston is a student law branch that was established in November 2020. We are a branch of LEAF National and participate in the monthly LEAF branch meeting and the wider national projects. In its third year, LEAF Kingston hopes to continue growing in the community and raise awareness of critical feminist issues.

    More about LEAF National: LEAF National is well-established and dedicated advocate for gender equality, demonstrating tangible results, year after year. LEAF focuses on litigation, law reform, and public education. In particular, we seek to advance gender equality by challenging laws, policies, and practices that discriminate against equality guarantees enshrined in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.



    Runnymede Society (Queen’s Chapter)

    Reps: Sahil Gaur ( & Anna Olchowec (

    The Runnymede Society is a non-partisan entity devoted to fostering respectful debate on campus while bolstering the rule of law, constitutionalism, intellectual diversity, and freedom of expression. The Queen's Chapter intends to host two events throughout the year featuring leading academics on touchstone constitutional and public law issues. In the 2021/22 academic year, we hosted events on the applications of the notwithstanding clause and Indigenous reconciliation.



    Black Law Student Association - Queen’s Chapter

    Reps: Uche Umolu ( & Brianna Fable - Watson (

    BLSA Queen’s is a chapter of Black Law Students’ Association of Canada (BLSAC). BLSA Queen’s strives to empower all Black identifying students to succeed academically, socially and professionally.



    Queen’s Asian Law Students’ Association

    Reps: Aoxiang (Olivia) Chang ( & Filbert Yung (

    QALSA seeks to connect Asian Law students at Queen’s. The club runs a mentorship program connecting first year students with upper year students who they can connect with. Further, the club hopes to host panels and other networking events this year to facilitate a community of Asian law students at Queen’s.



    Queen’s Criminal Law Club

    Reps: Fionna Campbell (

    A club for students who are interested in learning more about criminal law, both academically and professionally. Our goal is to provide students with opportunities to engage in criminal law academically through actives such as our annual moot and guest-lecture nights with professors. We want students to learn about the profession as well through panel series with practicing lawyers and networking opportunities.

    FGN Resize

    Queen's First-Generation Network

    Reps: Bobbie Alvernaz ( & Ana Beslija (

    The First-Generation Network is a federally incorporated organization that helps students who are first in their family to complete post-secondary education to connect with a broader network of students and professionals who come from similar backgrounds.


    Queen's Sports and Entertainment Law Club

    Reps: Alexander Beauchamp ( & Ian Fisher (

    Queen’s Sports and Entertainment Law Society is focused on bringing Queen’s Law students closer to careers in sports and entertainment by giving them an outlet to explore their interests and foster connections with people working at the intersection of sports/entertainment/media and the law. Our long=term aspirations include embedding ourselves within the global law school community as a beacon for students with interest in these industries to Queen’s Law.


    Queen's OutLaw

    Reps: Thomas Goetz ( & Irene Lu (

    Outlaw is the Queen's Law club for 2SLGBTQQIA law students and allies. We are part of a wider collective of Outlaws, established at other Canadian Law Schools. The Queen's chapter of Outlaw is excited to advocate for 2SLGBTQQIA people this year! In past years, we have had celebrated judges, lawyers and legal theorists speak on a wide range of issues affecting Queer students, lawyers and the wider Queer community.

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    Queen's Law Wills and Estates Club

    Reps: Ryan Levy ( & Daniel Wang (


    The Queens Law Wills and Estates club aims to provide law students with exposure to the field of Wills and Estates through hosting speaker panels with professionals who have taken their career in this direction. This club provides an opportunity for students interested in Wills and Estates to connect and explore what a career in the field might look like.

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    Queen's Law Bachelor Nation Club


    Reps: Emily Dolan ( & Vittoria Blanco (


    Are you a fan of the Bachelor franchise? We’re a group of Queen’s Law students who love all things Bachelor / Bachelorette / Bachelor in Paradise! Join our fantasy bracket for the upcoming season.

    Privacy 2

    Queen's Cybersecurity and Privacy Club

    Reps: Anna Olchowec ( & Cynthia Rizzo (


    The Queen’s Cybersecurity & Privacy Club (QCPC) is a student-led initiative with the Faculty of Law dedicated to advancing a forum for those interested in the study of data protection, privacy rights, surveillance, cybersecurity threats, internet governance, and technological innovation. QCPC provides educational and networking opportunities for students by organizing expert panel discussions, socials, and career-development workshops. Students seeking to become involved are encouraged to join as a member and attend upcoming events.


    Int Crim 3

    Queen's International Criminal Law Association

    Reps: Cynthia Rizzo ( & Constance Carriere-Prill (


    Queen’s International Criminal Law Association (ICLA) is the only Faculty of Law club dedicated to the study of international criminal and human rights law. The ICLA is designed to facilitate respectful discussions between scholars and likeminded students with an interest in war crimes and aggression, crimes against humanity, human rights violations, and genocide. The objective of this association is to raise awareness and promote learning opportunities for those seeking to practice in the field of international criminal law.




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    Queen’s Law Alumni Connections 

    Reps: Cavina Tsoi ( & Jessica Krueger (




    Queen’s Law Tortfeasors Rugby Club

    Reps: Cavina Tsoi ( & Jessica Krueger (


    The Tortfeasors is a non-committal rugby Club for students in Queen’s law.


    Queen’s Venture Law Society

    Reps: Isaac Tsang ( & Sandi Gendi (



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    Queen’s Law Tabletop Games Club

    Reps: Liam Prymak ( & Evan Raymond (



                              Food Policy



    Queen’s Food Law & Policy Society

    Reps: Jayden Robinson ( & Ravalika Palle (


    Food Law is a multi-disciplinary field that touches on environmental issues, constitutional law, intellectual property and more! This year we are helping to organize this year's Canadian Association of Food Law & Policy conference.

    SIkh 2



    Queen’s Law Sikh Student Association (QLSSA)

    Reps: Divjot Sudan ( & Harjot Sarai  (




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    Queen’s Law Mining Association

    Reps: Stephanie Crimi ( & Kobi Rosoph (



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    Queen’s Competition and Antitrust Law Club

    Reps: Shayna Maharaj ( & Sam Fostaty (



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    Between The Law Writer’s Club

    Reps: Dawood Shimza ( & Ahmed Al-Rubaye (