The LSS Committees – each of which has its own important function – help to support the LSS Core and Council in providing outstanding extra-curricular opportunities for Queen’s Law students. The Committees also perform important administrative functions, including facilitating elections, compiling the yearbook and approving Clubs applications.

LSS Committees & Members 2020-2021

Elections Committee

The Elections Committee oversees elections at Queen’s Law to ensure that nominations, campaigning, and elections are done in accordance with the Constitution.

2023/2024 Committee:

Maya Kawale - maya.kawale@queensu.ca

Sandi Gendi - sandi.gendi@queensu.ca

Helen Wang - helen.wang@queensu.ca

Alumni Relations Committee

The Alumni Relations Committee assists the Faculty of Law’s Development Officer in strengthening ties between law students and Queen’s Law alumni.

2023/2024 Committee:

Ingrid Aloh - IA22@queensu.ca 

Izabella Johnston - 17IMD2@queensu.ca 

Will Werstiuk - 18waw@queensu.ca 

Hooshang Adam Moghaddam - 22vqw@queensu.ca 

Alara Once - alara.once@queensu.ca 

Simran Sandhu - 22TF21@queensu.ca 

Adam Rotstein - 18awkr@queensu.ca 

Jordyn Tocco - 22LSS2@queensu.ca 

Herleen Sharma - 21hs77@queensu.ca 

Tatiana Velazquez - 22JMMB@queensu.ca 

Star Lewis - star.lewis@queensu.ca 

Aarti Sayal - 18aks29@queensu.ca 

Tiffany Watts - tiffany.watts@queensu.ca 

Muhammad Hassaan Siddiqui - 20mhs4@queensu.ca 

Chathuvi Vinithan - 19cv@queensu.ca 

Shayla Joshi - 17sj53@queensu.ca

Competitive Moot Committee

2023/2024 Committee: 

Kayla O’Brien - 15keob@queensu.ca 

Sina Sahebpour Lighvan - sina.sahebpourlighvan@queensu.ca

Law Games Committee

2023/2024 Committee:

Stephanie Clancy - s.clancy@queensu.ca 

The Equity & Diversity Committee

2023/2024 Committee:

Afsheen Chowdhury - afsheen.chowdhury@queensu.ca

Brianna Fable-Watson - 17sbfw@queensu.ca

Renewal, Tenure and Promotion Committee

2023/2024 Committee:

Ella Vitols - 18ekv@queensu.ca

Olivia Elliott - 17olse@queensu.ca

Lawlapalooza Committee

2023/2024 Committee:

Emily Caza - emily.caza@queensu.ca

Miranda Lacalamita - miranda.lacalamita@queensu.ca 

Yearbook Committee

2023/2024 Committee:

Mariah Gillard - m.gillard@queensu.ca

Oliver Zhao - oliver.zhao@queensu.ca 

Ruba Elhassan - 19RGEH@queensu.ca 

Ravina Ambwani - 21rva@queensu.ca 

Kristin Abujan - 22hsxn@queensu.ca

Alexandra Noppers - alexandra.noppers@queensu.ca

Juliana Braun - juliana.braun@queensu.ca

Cara Arsenault - cara.arsenault@queensu.ca 

Georgia Blumberger - georgia.b@queensu.ca

Alanna Ault - alanna.ault@queensu.ca

Olivia Kuzmich - olivia.kuzmich@queensu.ca 

Zara Morani - zara.morani@queensu.ca

Med-Law Games Committee

2023/2024 Committee:

Simran Grewal - s.grewal@queensu.ca 

Mahla Jahanmehr - mahla.jahanmehr@queensu.ca

Star Lewis - star.lewis@queensu.ca 

Erika Tworzyanski - erika.tworzyanski@queensu.ca 

Kaitlin Hartviksen - 17kmh5@queensu.ca 

Rani Bulsara - 18RB5@queensu.ca

Faculty Appointments Advisory Committee

2023/2024 Committee:

Kelvin Lau - lau.kelvin@queensu.ca 

Curriculum Committee

2023/2024 Committee:

Pedro Saraiva - p.saraiva@queensu.ca

Vivian Cornell - 1vc9@queensu.ca

Semi-Formal Committee

2023/2024 Committee:

Shayla Joshi - 17sj53@queensu.ca 

Tamara Fuller - 17tf18@queensu.ca

Sydney Ofiara - sydney.ofiara@queensu.ca

Simran Grewal - 21hg23@queensu.ca 

Rachel May - 15rm41@queensu.ca

Karina Frappier-Brinton - 16khfb@queensu.ca 

Erin Wadge - 21ekw1@queensu.ca