The LSS Committees – each of which has its own important function – help to support the LSS Core and Council in providing outstanding extra-curricular opportunities for Queen’s Law students. The Committees also perform important administrative functions, including facilitating elections, compiling the yearbook and approving Clubs applications.


LSS Committees & Members 2020-2021

Academic Standing and Policies Committee

2022/2023 Commitee:

Wardah Anwar - wardah.anwar@queensu.ca

Olivia Kuzmich - olivia.kuzmich@queensu.ca

Marco Rodighiero - marco.rodighiero@queensu.ca

Raha Zolfaghari - raha.zolfaghari@queensu.ca

Admissions Committee

2022/2023 Committee:

Ana Beslija - ana.beslija@queensu.ca

Juliana Braun - juliana.braun@queensu.ca

Jessica Krueger - jessica.krueger@queensu.ca

Filbert Yung - filbert.yung@queensu.ca

Med-Law Games Committee

2022/2023 Committee:

Sydney Bowles - sydney.bowles@queensu.ca

Marco Roderhigo - marco.rodighiero@queensu.ca

Mahla Jahanmehr - mahla.jahanmehr@queensu.ca

Elections Committee

The Elections Committee oversees elections at Queen’s Law to ensure that nominations, campaigning, and elections are done in accordance with the Constitution.

2022/2023 Committee:

Mahla Jahanmehr - mahla.jahanmehr@queensu.ca

Shanna Johnson - shanna.johnson@queensu.ca

Ashley Xuzhao - a.xuzhao@queensu.ca

Alumni Relations Committee

The Alumni Relations Committee assists the Faculty of Law’s Development Officer in strengthening ties between law students and Queen’s Law alumni.

2022/2023 Committee:

Brooke Ash - brooke.ash@queensu.ca

Abrina Bandali - 16aeb9@queensu.ca

Alex Beauchamp - alex.beauchamp@queensu.ca

Shayla Joshi - 17sj53@queensu.ca

Armando Ranjbar - armando.ranjbar@queensu.ca

Aaron Tenant - 21aat8@queensu.ca

Isaac Tsang - 18iwht@queensu.ca

Cavina Tsoi - 9ckt1@queensu.ca

Lauryn Watters - 21lew9@queensu.ca

Dean Zabian - 20dz14@queensu.ca

Semi-Formal Committee

2022/2023 Committee: 

Oliver Zhao - oliver.zhao@queensu.ca

Olivia Kuzmich - olivia.kuzmich@queensu.ca

Mariah Gillard - m.gillard@queensu.ca

Sandi Gendi - sandi.gendi@queensu.ca

Emily Caza - emily.caza@queensu.ca

Jessica Farshait - j.farshait@queensu.ca

Competitive Moot Committee

2022/2023 Committee: 

Maddie Clelan - 15mtma@queensu.ca

Sarah Taylor - taylor.sarah@queensu.ca

Curriculum Committee

2022/2023 Committee:

Pedro Saraiva - p.saraiva@queensu.ca

Vivian Cornell - 1vc9@queensu.ca

Faculty Appointments Advisory Committee

2022/2023 Committee:

Kelvin Lau - lau.kelvin@queensu.ca

Renewal, Tenure, and Promotion Committee

2022/2023 Committee:

Joshua Cardoso - joshua.cabralcardoso@queensu.ca

Vivian Cornell - 1vc9@queensu.ca

Adjunct Appointments Committee

2022/2023 Committee:

Irene Tsui - irene.tsui@queensu.ca