The LSS Committees – each of which has its own important function – help to support the LSS Core and Council in providing outstanding extra-curricular opportunities for Queen’s Law students. The Committees also perform important administrative functions, including facilitating elections, compiling the yearbook and approving Clubs applications.


LSS Committees & Members 2020-2021

LSS Student Awards Committee

The LSS Student Awards Committee is responsible for selecting the recipients of the LSS Student Awards, which are given out to various Queen’s Law students each year.

2020/2021 Committee: VACANT

Academic Standing and Policies Committee

2020/21 Committee: Gina Azer, Deniz Samadi

Competitive Moot Court Committee:

2020/21 Committee: Cameron Rogers, Emma Wall

Curriculum Committee:

2020/21 Committee: Katie Frederickson, Zach Rudge

Admissions Committee:

2020/21 Committee: Farrah Kudus, Patryk Sawicki, Lori Philpott, Peter Arnaudov, David Liang and Nadya Gill

Sustainability Committee

The Sustainability Committee utilizes the sustainability assessment toolkit developed by the 2014-2015 ad hoc Sustainability Committee to work with the LSS and the Faculty of Law to improve the sustainability of their operations and policies. The Committee formulates recommendations for tangible improvements to the environmental, social and economic sustainability of the Queen’s Law community.

2020/2021 Committee: VACANT

Course Evaluation Committee

The Course Evaluation Committee is responsible for conducting course evaluations for each law course. The purpose of course evaluations is to assess teaching effectiveness and the relevance of course content.

2020/21 Committee: VACANT

Elections Committee

The Elections Committee oversees elections at Queen’s Law to ensure that nominations, campaigning, and elections are done in accordance with the Constitution.

2020/21 Committee: Solenn Madevon, Sharan Johal, Justin Kaminker, and Nicholas Maida

Elections Review Committee

2020/2021 Committee: VACANT

Alumni Relations Committee

The Alumni Relations Committee assists the Faculty of Law’s Development Officer in strengthening ties between law students and Queen’s Law alumni.

Contact: Viki Andrevska (andrevsk@queensu.ca)

2020/21 Committee: Solenn Madevon, Justin Kaminker, Shane Rozen-Delman, Issac Thompson, Holly Schmid, Sherry Hussain, and Kristen Yee

Law Games Committee

The Law Games Committee organizes and fundraises all aspects of Queen’s Law’s participation in Law Games.

2020/21 Committee: VACANT

Med-Law Games Organizing Committee

The Med-Law Games Organizing Committee (Faculty of Law) works with the Med-Law Games Organizing Committee (School of Medicine) to organize the annual MLG sports tournament and fundraiser.

2020/21 Committee: Anthony Spadafora, Cassandra Hebert-Vendramini, Tanisha Merkley, Pantea Eshraghi, and Arjun Sodhi

Faculty Jacket Committee

The Faculty Jacket Committee oversees the design and sale of faculty jackets every year.

2020/2021 Committee: VACANT

LSS Reconciliation Committee

The Reconciliation Committee is tasked with assisting the faculty in responding to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s calls to action.

2020/2021 Committee: VACANT

Constitutional Review Committee

The Constitutional Review Committee reviews the constitution and recommends changes.

2020/21 Committee: Gina Azer, Issac Thompson

Denis Marshall Contribution Awards Committee

The Denis Marshall Contribution Awards Committee is responsible for selecting the recipients of the Denis Marshall Contribution Award, which is given out to third years students.

2020/21 Committee: Deniz Samadi

Equity & Diversity Committee

The Equity & Diversity Committee works with the faculty and student Equity & Diversity Commissioners to educate law students on equity and diversity issues.

Co-commissioners: Abiola Akinyemi (abiola.akinyemi@queensu.ca) and Taylor Barton (16tb25@queensu.ca)

Lawlapalooza Committee

The Lawlapalooza Committee organizes and runs Lawlapalooza in the Winter term.

2020/21 Co-Chairs: Joanna Strozak, Mikela Page, Tim Schjerning, Jullian Brunino

Semi-Formal Committee:

2020/21 Committee: Abigail Korbin, Kristen Yee, and Cassandra Hebert-Vendramini

Stanley M. Corbett Awards for Teaching Excellence

The Stanley M. Corbett Awards for Teaching Excellence was established in January 2016 as a collaborative effort between the Faculty of Law administration of the Law Students’ Society. It replaces the former LSS Teaching Awards committee. The Stanley M. Corbett Awards for Teaching Excellence committee confers awards for teaching excellence in honour of the former Associate Dean Stanley M. Corbett, who in his 50-year association with Queen’s University, distinguished himself as a scholar, author, teacher, mentor, leader, colleague, and friend.

2020/21 Committee: Lee Starr